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Music Camp


Are you a young musician with a passion for your instrument? Do you envision yourself playing in a band or ensemble or collaborating with others as passionate as you are?

Whatever your creative ambitions are, you’ll take your talents to the next level at Interlochen Arts Camp. Explore music programs for grades 3–12.

Youth Enrichment Music Camp is a summer music program led by Lamont Synder and is located at West Park Preparatory School. We are committed to delivering the highest enrichment classes to you and your child in a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere. Our personalized, playful, and inquisitive project-based learning combines the fun of summer camp with the enrichment of learning new things. 

Our programs will teach children: patience, confidence and poise, perseverance and commitment, friendship, coordination, self-respect and satisfaction, creativity and self-expression, pride in achievement, concentration, and not at last fun and relaxation. Youth Enrichment Music Camp offers two summer sessions and various instruments and skill levels.

Girl with Flute Teacher


Youth Enrichment 

Youth Enrichment Music Camp is unique because our camp gives kids MUSIC and MORE! We stand out because we teach ALL instruments AND accept beginning students on most instruments.

​Unlike most music camps, we provide a fun schedule of varied day camp activities in addition to music…activities such as organized sports, arts and crafts, private lessons, guest artist performances, as well as field trips to local attractions, and as you would expect, lots of music!

 Breakfast, Lunch & Snack

 Academic Enrichment 
 Art & Crafts
 Team Sports
 Weekly Themes
 Musical Focus

This Youth Enrichment Music Camp is designed for younger students with limited or no experience. Students learn from certified music instructor Lamont Synder. We boast a high teacher-student ratio.  On-site “FUN” activities, such as playtime and much more, are part of every day! Students get to perform in a short recital on the final day of camp.


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Children Playing Tug of War
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